Sapphire Heart Pendant

Sapphire Heart Pendant

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The perfect contrast of smooth cool silver and rich irregular deep blue sapphire! A beautifully tactile silver heart with a rough sapphire cast in place.

This pendant was created by placing the sapphire into the sand mould and then pouring the molten silver into the mould, capturing the stone. Only the strongest stones can withstand the heat and pressure of molten silver, and they create the most gorgeous pieces of jewellery. Although other cast heart pendants will be made no two will ever be the same.

The pendant hangs from 18" sterling silver chains which can be fastened at 16", 17" and 18" to suit your needs.


Sapphire cast in sterling silver.


The heart is approximately 15mm in both width and height, and the bail makes a total pendant length of approximately 20mm.

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