Please use the information below to help you determine your correct size when ordering a bangle, bracelet or ring. 


Please follow this link to download a printable ring sizing chart. Please make sure that you read the instructions at the top of the page carefully as the page must be printed out at the correct size.

The page linked to above also provides information about Spinner Ring sizes as these wider band rings usually require a larger size.


Use a measuring tape (preferably not an old fabric one as these stretch over time) to measure your wrist at the wrist bone. Do not make your measurement too tight or your bracelet may be too small. If you have a preference for a slightly loose or a snugly fitting bracelet then please let me know. An adult woman's wrist measurements usually range from 15cm to 21cm (6" to 8.5") but I can make bracelets outside of these measurements.


Bangles are usually sized by inside diameter, and are designed to be worn loose on the wrist but to feel a little tight as they go on over your hand so that they do not come off accidentally. The main sizes that I sell are 6.5cm, 7cm and 7.5cm inside diameter, but I can make other sizes on request.  The easiest way of determining your bangle measurement is to measure the inside diameter of a bangle you already have that fits you. Alternatively, clench your fist and use a tape measure to measure across from the middle of the knuckle on your first finger to the middle of the knuckle on your little finger. This measurement will be the inside diameter of your ideal bracelet size. Please note that I make oval bangles slightly wider than the measurement that you supply to account for the shape of the bangle.