Northern Lights Necklace

Northern Lights Necklace

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An absolutely gorgeous labradorite with stunning electric blue flashes in a circular silver setting and finished with a handcrafted chain - a wonderful showstopper necklace!

This is one of the flashiest labradorites I've worked with, and the dark patina shows it to off to best effect. The silver setting is decorated with lines radiating from the centre and silver balls, and the clasp has a matching texture. The clasp fastens through any of the chain links, allowing the necklace to be worn at different lengths to suit different necklines. 


Made from labradorite and sterling silver.


The labradorite pendant section has a diameter of a little over 3cm. The total necklace length is approximately 47cm, and the clasp can be fastened to any of the chain links to vary the length

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